Welcome to the About page.

This blog has been created by me, «Otakucy», as an effort to gather and blog about information concerning Japan, Anime, Figures from time to time aswell as some general interesting subjects.

My real name is Pericles Metaxas and I am currently living in Cyprus.

Why bother making a blog like this?

~ Because I get to write about some of my interests and i get to play around with many internet functions like web site building and coding.

You don’t live in Japan or even near, whats the point?

~ I believe by our actions we can bring Japan to the rest of the world. Friends of the Japanese pop culture don’t nessesarily need to travel to Japan.

To be contrinued once i get more inspiration or make an FAQ page ^^


5 Σχόλια to “About”

  1. greeting. congrats on starting your own blog. will be cool if u can write a impressive «About» page about yourself. that will really attract attention and for people to know u better.

    all the best! ^^;

  2. I really like your blog, I visit it regularly.
    Would you mind if I add you to my sites blogroll?
    me@ mastersofunlocking.wordpress.com


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