Japan Jury Introduced

Japan Jury Crew

It’s seems to have dominated the anime headlines today, a brand new anime sponsored by the Goverment of Japan.

This anime is called «Bokura no Saibanin Monogatari» (Our Jury Story). The goal is to teach the people of Japan what a jury does and prepare them for the re-introduction of the Jury system in Japanese courts.

Japan Jury Anime Girl

This is quite an original way to promote the implementation of the jury system. Even so, some Japanese folks disagree with this new system since many dont want to be called in as jury members. There is also a fine impossed to those who don’t attend and use fake excusses, a fine that can reach up to 500,000 Yen!

Do you belive a Jury system is a must for proper court trials? If so, do you agree with the Japanese system being implemented?



~ από Pericles Metaxas στο Μαΐου 22, 2009.


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