Life-size RX-78 Gundam

Life-size RZ-78 Gundam Model

There is an ongoing project in Tokyo right now where they will build a life-size RX-78 Gundam. I presume under the name Green Tokyo Project since my Japanese reading skills are close to zero.

Life-size RZ-78 Gundam Logo

Those familiar with the Gundam series will surelly recognise the model. And those close to Odaiba will be the lucky ones to visit the site once the construction is finished.

Life-size RZ-78 Gundam Leg-May progress

Lets have a look at the previous Real-life Gundam project for comparison.

Life-size RZ-78 Gundam Parody

Clearly the designer became a park cleaner soon after.


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~ από Pericles Metaxas στο Μαΐου 21, 2009.


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