AFA 2009

•Νοέμβριος 24, 2009 • Σχολιάστε

Japanese popular culture websites have been buzzing this past week-end. AFA 2009 got going in Singapore seems to have been pretty big.

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Maid Cafe

•Μαΐου 27, 2009 • 5 Σχόλια

Maid Anime 2

I just read the most interesting news concerning maid cafes.  How would you feel if you walked into a maid cafe in Akihabara and you were greeted not by a moe Japanese girl but by Anna, a student from Barcelona, dressed up as a maid. Συνεχίστε την ανάγνωση ‘Maid Cafe’

Japan Jury Introduced

•Μαΐου 22, 2009 • Σχολιάστε

Japan Jury Crew

It’s seems to have dominated the anime headlines today, a brand new anime sponsored by the Goverment of Japan.

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Japan Signs

•Μαΐου 22, 2009 • Σχολιάστε

No peeing sign

It seems that for a nation so advanced like Japan there are still many problems. One of them seems to be, peeing on a public street.

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Life-size RX-78 Gundam

•Μαΐου 21, 2009 • Σχολιάστε

Life-size RZ-78 Gundam Model

There is an ongoing project in Tokyo right now where they will build a life-size RX-78 Gundam. I presume under the name Green Tokyo Project since my Japanese reading skills are close to zero.

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Shipping from Japan

•Μαΐου 21, 2009 • Σχολιάστε

Hobbylink Japan packedge
If you read my previous post then you know that one of my orders from Japan arrived a few days ago.

The interesting part of the story is that the order arrived in 3 days time! I’m quite amazed at what Japanese folks do.

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Rin Kagamine Figma

•Μαΐου 20, 2009 • Σχολιάστε

Rin Kagamine Figma Version 1, originally uploaded by Otakucy.

Carefull! It’s hot!

Still there? Good good. This just came in today. Rin Kagamine from the Vocaloid series.

Keep an eye out for a review photoshoot in the near future. Wonder what background theme i should use.

Any of you aquired a Vocaloid recently?